why outsourceWith postage expenses continuing to rise, companies that pay full postage prices are facing inflated budgets. Williamsburg Mailing Services is here to help. We will assist you in controlling costs by utilizing automation processes and assuring compliance with the latest postal regulations. We can produce mail at far lower costs than you can achieve on your own.

For several years, presorting mail has proven to be an effective cost-reduction tool. However, due to strenuous postal regulations, few companies could take advantage of these savings.

Williamsburg Mailing Services makes this savings possible for any sized company. With a diverse knowledge of available USPS savings options, we can mix your mail with several of the area’s largest mailers. Their postal discounts increase your savings. This level of qualification would be unattainable if utilizing presort services within your company alone.

We offer courier services, pre-inserted mail pickup, tabbing, folding, printing, inserting, metering, sorting, daily delivery to the USPS, electronic bill presentment, archival and payment processing. Our services are customizable and are certain to fit your company’s unique needs.

“Over the last two years, they (Williamsburg Mailing Services) have provided our company with statement printing and mailing. Last year, we also took advantage of the online bill presentment and payment processing services provided by Williamsburg (also known as Pay-Now.net). We have found their services to be very customer-oriented and easily adaptable to our specific needs. During our transition to their services, Williamsburg worked diligently in ensuring that our expectations and needs were met and/or exceeded. The design process was seemless and offered customization which wasn’t offered by any of the companies we researched during the bid process. We have been very pelased (as have our customers) with the quality and timeliness of our finished statements. During my relationship with Williamsburg, I have found their company to offer excellent customer service. All questions have been answered with the highest integrity and professionalism.”

Carolyn Ramsey
Personnel Administrator
Jefferson-Cocke County Utility District

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