Services: Postal and Co-Mingling Solutions

Postal and Co-MinglingWilliamsburg Mailing Services is the single, integrated solution that puts you in control of managing your entire print and mail production workflow.

Postage is the single largest expenditure in the print and mail process (normally accounting for at least 65% of the total unit cost). Controlling this cost requires strategic planning, back-end processing flexibility, address standardization, and having sufficient presort quantities to meet specific USPS high density or saturation levels within a given delivery route or zip code. We understand that with sporadic production volumes and sometimes unreliable data transmission schedules, it can be difficult for an organization to build a cost-effective workflow for maximizing postage discounts. This situation only worsens when there are multiple small jobs to contend with. Williamsburg Mailing Services, Inc. offers an alternative to this complex and intimidating process.

Increase Flexibility and Efficiency

Williamsburg Mailing Services enables you to achieve levels of flexibility and efficiency once thought unattainable in document production and mailing processes.

Our services eliminate the following problem areas:

  • Tying up valuable capital with an investment in MLOCR sorting equipment
  • Being trapped having to presort jobs individually, therefore minimizing the opportunity to reach the required saturation levels for maximum postage discounts
  • Being bound by having to use expensive middleware or hybrid ADF workflows to combine mailings to achieve lower postage costs
  • Being dependent solely upon your company’s mail volume to achieve maximum postage savings

Our Promise To You

Williamsburg Mailing Services, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with high quality, personalized mailing services. We value our commitment and accountability to our most valuable asset (our customer). We are passionate about the services we provide. We will guarantee that we will service your account with honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We will never recommend a service that is not needed and will always look for the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific needs. We are always available to assist you and answer questions regarding any mailing needs you may have.

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