Services: File Submission, Validation and Proofing

File Submission, Validation and ProofingWith the utilization of’s services, files can be securely transmitted, validated, and submitted to our production department without IT intervention.’s multiple file submission options (including secure file transfer protocol (sftp) and secure online web submission) allow you to have complete flexibility as to how you prefer to submit files. Our data validation and proofing capabilities improve quality assurance and turn-around time.

Security and Privacy

Williamsburg Mailing Services goes to great lengths to protect your data. Not only are our data lines secure, but our employees are licensed, bonded and signed to confidentiality contracts. With identity theft on the rise, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations because, quite frankly, we know that your customers expect the same.

Pre-Processing Controls

An effective document production process is dependent on these critical pre-processing requirements:

  • Successful receipt of data by way of multiple secure methods.
  • Automated validation of such data for accuracy.
  • Ability for our customers to approve rendered documents prior to processing.

File Receipt

Williamsburg Mailing Services automates file receipt and pre-processing without the need for manual retrieval. While most companies offer FTP or Email, many prefer to utilize a secure connection or Web-based submission processes. We can receive data via SFTP, email, or the web. All of which set in motion an automated process to prepare the file for production.

Data Validation

Upon successful receipt of production files, we send out an email confirming complete receipt of the file and the specific counts received. The automated portion of our processing then takes over as the file begins to run through advanced data validation audits and pre-processing steps (such as creating a unique MD5SUM entry (a digital finger print) to ensure that the specific file has never been received before). This makes certain a file cannot be inadvertently printed and mailed a second time.


Proofing of mission-critical documents verifies data accuracy and document integrity. We automatically notify our customers when a submission has been processed and is ready for approval, before being released to a printer. At this point, the job may be accepted or rejected. Once accepted, the job is printed and processed though our secure production area.

Authorized users can securely log into a web portal and review job and file information such as:

  • Input data
  • Name & address fields
  • Number of documents
  • Number of pages
  • Amount due for billing applications
  • Actual images of each mail piece
  • PDF presentment with pre-printed stock emulation
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