Services: E-Delivery, Payment Processing, and Archive Solutions makes e-delivery a reality for essentially any print and mail application.

With, each customer can control how they want to communicate in order to maximize response rates and ensure all data is delivered in the most appropriate – or most preferred way. You can meet your customer’s demands for secure access and additional services without the need for costly and extensive software purchases. These options allow you to streamline your entire billing and revenue capture process to remove costly errors, while providing a full range of true multi-channel delivery choices.

Electronic Document Presentment

Electronic delivery of bills, statements and other high-value documents is gradually becoming the standard and is all but expected by many customers. But this complex process is laden with pitfalls. With, you can use the latest technology in electronic presentment to drastically reduce your production costs by eliminating the need for consumables, expensive equipment and postage. allows you to:

  • Electronically present your statements securely via rights-based security
  • Render documents with accurate underlays identical to what would have been printed
  • Securely populate a Web page on demand with either the actual data or generated documents creating a document image (PNG) or PDF lets you enter the world of e-presentment as an expert, using advanced security and is fully PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant.

Email Delivery and Presentment’s Secure Email Presentment and Payment (SMPP) solution offers an alternative to “push” e-bill delivery models. This custom branded interface can be tailored specifically for your company. has a built in print suppression feature to help drive e-delivery for your customers in such popular formats as:

  • Presentment via our secure native PNG format
  • HTML-based email with a link to a website
  • HTML-based email with an attached PDF version of the mail piece
  • Email with a token-based link to automatically retrieve a PDF or HTML page
  • E-Delivery of information to your customer

Secure Archiving

Our customers (as well as yours) expect around-the-clock online access to statements and other documents. Whether documents are archived for e-presentment, customer service, self-service or account retention, provides a way to exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements by providing secure on-the-fly creation of mail pieces for presentment and archival. is Proud to Offer:

  • Ultra Secure PNG presentation to provide faster presentment and viewing with a zero footprint environment
  • Web-based searching GUI that can quickly locate a specific transaction or mail piece and enable viewing as a PNG in HTML or PDF
  • Options for storing PDFs for presentment and archive if on-the-fly creation is not desired

Additional Features Include:

  • Integrated multi-factor authentication
  • Online enrollment and account monitoring
  • Reporting and Disclaimer acceptance
  • Cookie creation and access support
  • Lost password feature
  • Email address and customizable, multi-faceted account validation

E-Delivery, Payment Processing and Archive SolutionsGoing Green

As environmental concerns increase, so does the demand for Electronic Billing and paperless statements. Williamsburg Mailing Services and offer paper alternatives which would be costly if performed in house at a fraction of the cost.

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