Services: Document Composition

Document CompositionWilliamsburg Mailing Services is the start-to-finish solution for virtually all your print, mail and e-delivery needs.

Williamsburg Mailing Services offers revolutionized document composition. From a single variable letter or marketing piece to a complex full color statement, our services make advanced document design quick and easy. And, we offer the only composition solution with a robust multi-channel delivery back-end, so you can communicate and deliver the way that your customers expect.

Williamsburg Mailing Services accepts a full range of data formats without pre-processing including ASCII, EBCDIC, Text, Delimited, CSV, RTF, PDF, and many other billing data formats. Once the data is received, our comprehensive and robust software allows us to use customized business rules to create everything from simple letters to advanced statement layouts for print or electronic delivery. Best of all, your company will not incur the tremendous costs associated with performing these tasks.

Our underlay emulation enables color underlays for archive and e-delivery while suppressing them for printing. A single input file format can be used for print, email or web delivery.

Our vast array of postal regulation knowledge and industry experience will save your company both time and money while decreasing the amount of time needed to create and roll out your mail piece.

Our Value-Added Document Features:

  • Conditional Messaging
  • TransPromotional Marketing
  • Mixed Media/Finishing
  • Charts & Graphs
  • Intelligent Mail Barcodes
  • Selective Insert Indicators
  • Variable Data Population
  • Conditional Form Generation
  • Cross Media Insert Management

Let one of our knowledgeable staff members sit down with you and discuss your ideas and unique needs. Following the initial meeting, we will design a custom document that is in full compliance with postal regulations. This compliance increases postal discounts while speeding delivery to your customers.

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