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Williamsburg Mailing Services’ vast array of print and mail services are a unique solution that apply lean manufacturing concepts to the process of creating, producing and delivering mission-critical print and mail communications. Our services simplify and automate variable data usage, mail processing, and lower postage costs by co-mingling multiple print and mail pieces and processing them as large mail runs.

Our services were designed to optimize your process and staff utilization while expanding the services that add value for your customers.

Document Composition

From a single variable letter or marketing piece to a complex full color statement, our services make advanced document design quick and easy. We offer the only composition solution with a robust multi-channel delivery back-end, so you can communicate and deliver important information the way that your customers expect.

File Submission

Williamsburg Mailing Services automates file receipt and submission without the need for manual intervention when accepting files via SFTP, Hot Folders, or Web Upload.

Data Validation

Our software automatically creates an MD5Sum or digital fingerprint for each file reducing the chance that a file can be submitted a second time. Each file is processed with rule-based validation checking account numbers, totals, missing fields, and running advanced pattern matching to ensure data integrity.


Printing never occurs until you verify the accuracy of proof files. Our proofing system gives you the ability to review fully composed documents which are exact replications of the finished product.

Statement Printing

Williamsburg Mailing Services prints statements and invoices for the area’s largest mailers. Our team will work with you in designing a suitable and unique statement that communicates the necessary financial information, as well as, branding promotional and customer education information. What’s more, these will also be available to you digitally to enable importing them into your current software. We are ready to assist you with any type of printing that you may need including (but not limited to):

  • Monthly Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Employee Benefit Statements
  • Healthcare Statements
  • Escrow Statements
  • Tax Forms

Archive Solutions offers a truly customizable archive solution which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Service Representatives at your company will find this offering to be an extremely valuable service which offers real-time access to all of your documents (both current and past). Not only are documents generated by visible but also, those uploaded by your staff. Users within your company will be granted privileges to these files based upon their “need to know” as decided by your company’s chief officers.

E-Delivery is a true multi-channel delivery and payment solution that lets you support even the most aggressive delivery needs. You can output critical documents via email, web presentment or savable PDF documents. With, end users can make payments how and when they want through multiple mediums such as online, PDA, or IVR (Intelligent Voice Recognition). also allows you to manage and synchronize multi-channel trans-promotional campaigns using inserts, variable images, and web ads seamlessly integrated into one simple, fully automated solution.

Postal and Co-Mingling Solutions

Customers of Williamsburg Mailing Services & receive the largest postal discount available in this region. This is due to the large volume of mail processed at our secure facility each day. We are proud to service the largest mailers in the area. This translates to substantial savings for our customers. Our customers receive these discounts regardless of mail volume. Co-Mingling our customers’ mail enables each of our customers to receive postage rates that would not be possible if processing their own mail.

“We have been using Williamsburg Mail for printing and mailing services for 8 years and are very happy with their services. They are always prompt and diligent in pickup and delivery of our mail. Their employees hyave always been courteous and professional as well. In January of 2008, we also contracted with Williamsburg for the printing and delivery of our customer account statements. Williamsburg has always been attentive and sincere in providing the best customer service to us.”

Pamela S. Ihli
VP/Information Systems Officer
Citizens National Bank

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